Dust Collection Equipment

Air Filtration Systems offers an extensive range of fabric filters from small standard design to larger more complex configuration. We offer both reverse pulse (compressed air) cleaning and reverse air cleaning of horizontally mounted flat filter bags. The dust collector arrangement is compact due to the horizontal flat bag design, saving up to 50% floor space and overall area when compared to a conventual dust collector arrangements. Our design adopts a down flow principle for the incoming dirty air / gas stream, were the entering air stream is via a top mounted inlet hood and the clean filtered air stream is exiting the dust collector via a lower positioned clean air duct arrangement.
Advantages: • Downflow design principle • Compact design • Soft cleaning technology, with lower power consumption and increased filter bag life • Secondary dust cake filtration – lower emission to 5mg/m3 • Horizontally mounted filter bags – Easily accessible from the clean side of the filter for maintenance and installation.

Fume Collection and Treatment Systems

Our fume collection and treatment systems are offered over a range of different industries from foundry furnace and pouring applications to waste to energy processes.

Our specially designed systems incorporate many features including:

  • Dust Collection equipment with reverse air cleaning (offline cleaning) of horizontally mounted flat bags.
  • Specially designed fume inlet hoods including close capture hoods, to collect and convey the fume directly from the source, reducing the possibility of the fume escaping into the general work area.
  • Additive powder systems – introduction of a range of different materials in powder form into the flue gas stream prior to the dust collector, this powder then mixes with the flue gas reacting with the various VOC’s eliminating / reducing the organic compounds to a level suitable for emission. This flue gas absorption effect can be adopted to various processes and VOC’s in the gas stream, with the type and level of powder injection suitable for the desired outcome.
  • The powder injection system also provides a coating (dust cake) on the outside of the filter bags protecting the filter bags from moisture and sticky fume that maybe present in the flue gas stream, prolonging the service life of the filter bags.
  • The addition of activated carbon on the inlet or outlet of the treatment system can eliminate odours present in the flue gas stream.